Organised style living helps you live your most optimal life through stylish organising and decor solutions.
Allowing you to move through your day with ease, giving you more time to put yourself first. When you feel your best, you’re truly unstoppable. We want to empower women globally through donating 5% of our profits to support women in poverty to create a better life for themselves, their family and their community.

Quality never goes out of style
Our passion is to ensure every piece is functional, high quality and stylish to level up your home, office, lifestyle, and YOU... to live your BEST LIFE! .

It's all about you!
Our focus is to help you feel and be amazing through our shopping experience, while continually improving the way we do this.


Organised Style Living was founded by Vanessa Cignarella who, working in corporate finance, knew she wasn't living her true purpose. A BIG lover of style, fashion, and organising, she found being organised helped her to have more time to achieve her goals and life aspirations.

After having her first child, she realised having a good balance was essential to being the best version of herself and allow time for the important things.

Women are incredibly hard workers; juggling work, home, family, their passions, and themselves. Consistently feeling burnt out or not having enough time to look after themselves, she wants to empower women to have that time back and achieve all the amazing things that allow them to live their best life.

Simplify, Style & Self-Care and YOU will be UNSTOPPABLE!